sábado, 25 de febrero de 2012


Song: Heartbreak Ninja
Artist: Ninja Magic
Album: Catchy as a Ninja, Catch as the Night
Year: 2005

I'm sitting here all alone,
with sword in hand and heart of stone
All she left was a piece of paper
Oh God I wish that I could hate her...

I'm so blue
Oh God I want her back

A grey smoke bomb and she was gone
I read her words and it was done
suddenly my heart was ripped in two
But little Ninja-girl, I'm coming for you

I'm so blue
Oh God I want her back
I'm so blue
No actually I'm black

A deadly shuriken of love
my heart is cold as ice
A shuriken of love
A deadly shuriken of love
Don't listen to their lies
Eternal pain in Ninja-disguise

How could she leave me this way
Not even Ninja-magic could make her stay
She left and I don't know why
But I know that she has to die!

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